We're Always looking for new driver's

Keeping the speeds up is the key to 4 banger racing with about 125 hp and at well over 2000 lbs raceweight staying off the brakes is the fast way around.
Main Event at Big Country Speedway 2007
I-25 Back stretch 2006

Inverted mains help spice
up the field at
Big Country Speedway

Headquartered in Lamar Co. but with events from Cheyenne Wy. and Gering Neb. We will consider any track and with the rules package we have in place the compettition is always close.

Dirt , Paved Oval, Road Course
We'll run ANYTHING (but the X)

1.1 lb.s per cc of motor means
(1.6 up to 2600CC) the field is always tight.
2.bbl carbs and a cam rule that works
means motors stay together longer